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I am committed to providing accurate and thought-provoking content on this important topic. I believe that understanding the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum is essential to making informed decisions about our future.

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I’m a former intelligence officer, drawing upon years of experience and insider knowledge, openly sharing candid insights into the intricate web of geopolitics. With an unfiltered perspective, I seek to dive deep into the complexities of international relations, offering a no-holds-barred analysis that uncovers the often hidden motives and dynamics shaping global affairs.

Having navigated the clandestine world of intelligence gathering and analysis, I possess a unique vantage point from which to unravel the geopolitical chessboard. By shedding light on the strategies, power plays, and alliances that drive nations' actions, I am providing a refreshingly unvarnished view of the forces at play in the global arena.

I convey a nuanced understanding of how countries engage in covert maneuvers, negotiate behind closed doors, and wield influence on the international stage. By spurning the conventional narratives and bravely confronting the realities often shrouded in secrecy, I am offering a rare glimpse into the inner workings of geopolitics, challenging assumptions and prompting deeper contemplation of the forces shaping our world.

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Former intelligence operative analyzing the "Great Reset," the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," propaganda, totalitarianism, current narratives, psychology, and history; weaving them all together in the most comprehensive way possible.



Former Air Force pilot and intelligence agent. I have always defended this nation - and still do!