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I'm Lily, and I'm here to be your guide and ally in unraveling the complexities of the Great Reset, Globalism, and the architects creating these narratives. Understanding these movements is not just about gaining knowledge—it's about empowering you to make informed decisions that shape your future and our world. That's why each article I craft is infused with depth, historical context, and an unfiltered insight into the underlying motivations and agendas that have been influencing these movements for centuries.

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Who am I, you might ask? I am a former intelligence officer, using my extensive experience and insider knowledge to offer you candid insights into the intricate web of geopolitics. My aim is to provide you with an unvarnished view of international relations, breaking down complex dynamics and revealing the often-hidden motives that drive global affairs. With me, you'll get more than just the surface-level narrative; you'll gain a nuanced understanding of the covert strategies and power plays that shape our world.

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  4. Origins of the Power System: Trace back to the very beginnings of the elite's system of control. Understand the historical context, foundational moments, and key figures that established the current hierarchy of power.

  5. Organizational Mastery: Dive into the elite's methods of organization that ensure their continued dominance. From shadow networks to formal structures, learn how these systems are designed to perpetuate their control.

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Former intelligence operative analyzing the "Great Reset," the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," propaganda, totalitarianism, current narratives, psychology, and history. What matters now isn't storytelling; what matters is telling a true story well.


Former Air Force pilot and intelligence agent. I have always defended this nation - and still do!